Don’t build a brand.
Create a personality.

What we did:

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Bring a new voice to the event industry.

CH&Co. is a group of hospitality companies with fingers in lots of pies. But they were siloed, disparate and disconnected – and missing a unified proposition to bring all the excellent ingredients together.


A consumer brand in a B2B world.

This B2B marketplace is uniformly vanilla and characterised by functional offerings that are overly matey or overly complex. Or both. Let’s create something that behaves like a consumer brand; one that cuts through the noise, with understated confidence and bags of character.


Leave it to eve. You’re welcome.

Allow us to introduce you to eve: the start of something great; the home of iconic venues and extraordinary experiences. Personable and oozing character, eve knows the events landscape inside out. Like an über-concierge, eve always goes above and beyond. Nothing’s too much.

eve replaces ITA Venues, for a name with instant personality and warmth.

Hello there, eve here.

The new brand is warm, welcoming and a pleasure to spend time with. Just like eve. But behind the scenes (like any good concierge), eve is always busy, blending easy-to-use venue-finding and booking functionality with hard-working SEO.

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

eve has a voice of its own, with a chatbot.

Activation concepts take eve to the real world.

The Results

“The work from saintnicks has been a real game changer, unifying our business portfolio under a single proposition, helping us really stand out in the market. We have a category-leading tech product, strong comms platform and a brand that we are proud of.”
Hayley Miller
Head of Marketing, eve