Turning aging into ageless

What we did:

  • brand
  • digital


Make Elizabeth Shaw irresistible. Again.

Elizabeth Shaw was afflicted by its greatest asset: its heritage. The brand was famous for all the right reasons (yummy chocolate treats), but in all the wrong places (on the side at Grandma’s Christmas). We needed to change perceptions and make the brand feel relevant all year round.


We’re only as old as they feel.

By refocussing the audience cross-hairs, we targeted the so-called elastic generation. Young at heart (and mind), they identify with the brand’s rich heritage, but also its place – and theirs – in the modern world. We didn’t need a younger audience, we needed a younger brand.


A delicious combination.

Using the new biscuit range as our springboard, we repositioned Elizabeth Shaw as ‘A modern classic’. Confident, sassy, smart; a cut above the rest. Just like our redefined target audience – and Elizabeth Shaw herself, a visionary woman in a man’s world, whose empire grew from her kitchen table over 130 years ago.

This combination of rich heritage and Elizabeth Shaw’s vision for the future neatly paved the way to the visual execution of the brand.

Modern, meet classic

Colourful, graphic and rhythmic, the creative blends Elizabeth Shaw past and present with classic and modern cues, to move the brand from ageing to ageless.

Targeted TVC and cinema took it to screens small and big.


delicious combinations continued ON digital and social.

Mobile Phone
Mobile Phone

the modern classic joins another and hits the road.

The Results

“We have had a great success with this repositioning work from saintnicks and the subsequent marketing activation campaigns. We have growth in distribution, listings and rate of sale – we’re delighted to work with the team.”
Emily Pugh
Brand Marketing Manager, Elizabeth Shaw