The product-free product launch

What we did:

  • brand
  • digital
  • strategy


Announce A-Series to the world

A-Series is a completely new loudspeaker concept.
One that sits comfortably in a gap once filled with compromises on weight, space and budget, to the detriment of sound quality. We needed to tell the world about it. Then make them want it.


Show what the box can do

On the surface, the A-Series looks like just another black box, in an ocean of black boxes. So let’s not show the black box. Let’s show what the black box can do.


A flexible system for a flexible product

A-Series does something none of the other black boxes can: it flexes and adapts to a broad range of applications that simply couldn’t be served before. So we brought to life the breadth of the art A-Series enables, to give us a rich and adaptable visual language. Distinctive, direct and ownable, the creative moves to a different beat in a noisy landscape.

Re-shaping sound

Inspired by the technical renders of the loudspeaker, the product’s shape gave us a natural container, to create a different perspective on sound.

A provocative headline invites the reader to find out more.

An adaptable graphic system flexes across print and digital.

In longer form, colour and texture set the scene.

An adaptable graphic system flexes across print and digital.

The Results

“The saintnicks team did a really powerful job of helping us stand up and stand out in our market. The launch has been really successful and the team are brilliant to work with.”
Jocelyne Bückner
Head of Brand and Product Marketing, d&b